Selected Publications

Family Process

"Breaking the Mold: Sculpting Impasses in Couples' Therapy," with Peggy Papp and Jean Malpas, Family Process Vol 52, 2013.

"Disarming Jealousy in Couples Relationships: A Multidimensional Approach," with Denise Werneck, Family Process Vol 49, 2010. [pdf]

"The Multi-level Approach: A Road Map for Couples Therapy," Family Process, Vol. 47, pp. 197-213, 2008. [pdf]

"Beyond the Trauma of Betrayal: Reconsidering Affairs in Couples Therapy," Family Process, Vol. 44, No. 2, 2005. [pdf]

"The Vulnerability Cycle: Working With Impasses in Couple Therapy," with Mona Fishbane, Family Process, Vol. 43, No. 3, 2004. [pdf]

"Graduate Student Marriages: An Organizational/Interactional View," Family Process, Vol. 27, 1988. [pdf]

Other Publications

Book review of: "Lust in translation: the rules of infidelity from Tokyo to Tennessee" by Pamela Druckerman. Published in the American Family Therapy Academy Monograph Series, Volume 7, April, 2011. 

"Foreign Affairs,"  July/August 2010,  Psychotherapy Networker.

"Sex phone  and the rabbi" with commentary by Irwin Irvin Yalom. [pdf] Published in the  Psychotherapy Networker, May/Jun 2006. [abstract]

Marriage, Reconsidered: One Size Does Not Fit All," The Huffington Post, Sept 10, 2007. [link]

"(Fe)male: The Hidden Gender Dimension in Models of Family Therapy," Women in Families: A Framework for Family Therapy, edited by Monica McGoldrick et. al., Ch. 2, pp. 16–41, 1991 (with Froma Walsh). [link]

Translated Papers

"Para além do trauma da traição: reconsiderando a infidelidade na terapia de casais," translated by Clarissa Peixoto, Nova Perspectiva Sistêmica, pp. 44-66, Apr 30 2008. [pdf]

"Desactivar los Celos en las Relaciones de Pareja: Un Enfoque de Multiples Dimensiones," Family Process 49:486–504, 2010 [pdf]

"El Abordaje Multinivel: Una Hoja de Ruta Para La Terapia de Pareja"

"El Ciclo de la Vulnerabilidad: trabajando con impasses en Terapia de Pareja"